Functioning of Delhi High Court, subordinate courts suspended till May 17, hearing of ‘Urgent Matters’ to continue

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On Saturday, in a meeting held via Video Conferencing Administrative and General Supervision Committee of Delhi High Court has decided to suspend its and Subordinate Court’s functioning till May 17 in view of the extension of Lockdown observed nationwide. 

Consequently, all the pending matters which were slated to be listed from May 4 to May 17 stand adjourned to dates in June. The matters listed in the subordinate courts would also be adjourned en bloc

The terms of the court functioning , both in the HC as well as in the Subordinate courts, will be similar to those prescribed in earlier orders dated March 23, March 25, April 15.

Information have been received that during the Lockdown period, a total of 11,427 urgent matters have been dealt by all Delhi Courts including the High Court.

On the urgent matters the Delhi HC praising the process of video conferencing , to further expedite the listing of cases for video- conferencing ,the link for matters mentioning will now available from 9:00 to 10:30 am.

The High Court recently decided to expand its scope of hearings and would thus also take up criminal appeals, matrimonial matters that are ripe for final hearing.

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