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Topic: How to kickstart an international IP law career today by LawSikho

What will you Learn?

  • Why has intellectual property law emerged as the most exciting career choice this decade?
  • What are the big global trends that are creating massive opportunities in IP law practice today?
  • Why IP paralegal jobs are your gateway to an international IP career
  • Is it possible for Indian lawyers to do IP law work in the USA or other countries?
  • Do I have to qualify as an attorney in the USA or UK before I can start doing online work for foreign companies and law firms?
  • I don’t have any experience – why will international clients or foreign lawyers trust me with their work?
  • What kind of legal work and services can be easily performed by Indian virtual legal assistants and lawyers
  • What kind of clients are with the most amount of IP work and what are the problems they are facing?
  • How much can I get paid?
  • Why are people not doing this already?
  • Self-assessment: are you ready for a career in IP law?
  • What are the skills I can bank on to get remote IP law work from foreign employers?
  • How to make the perfect pitch as a paralegal
  • 3 Big Traps to Avoid If You Are Looking for a Paralegal Job
  • What are the legal skills you need to acquire to work in IP litigation?
  • How to start building your track record as an IP lawyer and thought leader
  • 5 high demand areas in which you can explore opportunities
  • How to get in touch with high potential clients online and close deals
  • How to navigate online platforms like Upwork to get foreign IP law and paralegal work that pays better than Indian law firm jobs
  • How to convince foreign clients that you have the skills and ability to deliver results
  • How to leverage these experiences when applying for jobs abroad
  • Why doing this at least for 12 months before your LLM abroad can be a game changer
  • How to set your initial goal to get started and get your first US $1000 per month from anywhere in the world within next 3 months
  • How to crack law firm & in-house counsel jobs in IPR
  • What are the 5 steps to achieve this goal
  • What barriers will come up in your path

Date : 14th – 16th May, 2021.

Time: 6pm – 9 PM

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