Functioning of Delhi High Court, subordinate courts further suspended till May 23, hearing of ‘Urgent Matters’ to continue

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On Saturday, the Delhi High Court has further decided to restrict its own and District Courts’ functioning to urgent matters only till May 23, in view of the prevalent situation of COVID-19 pandemic and Lockdown observation due to it.

The High Court though had enlarged its list concerning what shall be considered as ‘Urgent Matters’. The Court is less confident to return to normal functioning seeing the threat around relating to the disease. However, the number of Single Benches has been increased to ten.

The Administrative and General Supervision Committee of the High Court, headed by Chief Justice D N Patel, thus decided that the restriction shall be in place till May 23 and the urgent matters would continue to be heard by video conferencing.

It is further ordered that the subordinate courts would continue to take up urgent matters related to bail, stay/injunction as per the directions already issued. MM (Mahila Courts) shall take up matters in which interim urgent relief has been sought under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 1985. Rent Controllers/Addl. Rent Controller shall take up matters in which application seeking leave to contest/defend is pending disposal in the cases filed on the ground of bonafide requirement.

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It is further ordered that all such matters shall be taken up by the subordinate courts through videoconferencing only. The counsel for both sides may be impressed upon to send brief written submissions through email. Each court shall have its independent email ID for the said purpose. If required, assistance of the Centralized Computer Committee be taken for creation of such email ID.

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