Supreme Court Considers Starting few Physical Courts from Next Week

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A Committee of seven judges, constituted by the Chief Justice of India, convened a meeting on Tuesday, & discussed several issues, including whether physical courts can start or not, the Supreme Court Advocates On Records Association (SCAORA) said.

“The judges’ Committee is seriously considering to start at least 2-3 physical courts from the next week & in the meantime, the Registry would take necessary steps to prepare the courts for physical functioning,” the SCAORA said in a statement.

The Presidents of SCBA (Supreme Court Bar Association), SCAORA & Bar Council of India (BCI) Chairman, had also attended the Committee meeting held yesterday.

Supreme Court Advocates On Records Association (SCAORA) President Shivaji M Jadhav, & SCBA (Supreme Court Bar Association) President & senior Supreme Court lawyer Dushyant Dave urged the judges to start physical courts at the earliest, after taking required measures suggested by medical experts, keeping in view the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Supreme Court Advocates On Records Association (SCAORA) said that the physical courts, if possible to start, will be in addition to the now existing virtual courts & people would have the option to do virtual hearing as well.

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Matters from the final hearing list published before the lockdown would be listed before the physical Courts. The final decision would be taken by the Judges committee in a day or two, the SCAORA said.

This comes as physical court hearings are halted in the Supreme Court in a bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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