Sale Of 10% Of Unsold BS-IV Vehicles For 10 Days is Allowed After Lockdown : Supreme Court [Read order]

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In a Recent order, Supreme court has allowed the Sale Of 10% Of Unsold BS-IV Vehicles For 10 Days After Lockdown.

It was stated by learned senior counsel appearing on behalf of the applicant/Federation of Automobile Dealers Association that 1,05,000 two-wheelers, 2250 passenger cars 1 and 2000 commercial vehicles are there which have been sold but not registered through out India. Unsold vehicles are stated to be 7,00,000 two wheelers, 15,000 passenger cars and 12,000 commercial vehicles.

It was Ordered by the SC that sold vehicles be registered by the concerned authorities by 30.04.2020. However, at the same time we direct the applicant to furnish details of the purchasers, on affidavit, of the aforesaid vehicles through e-mail, within seven days from today. Details of registration shall also be furnished to this Court.

With respect to unsold vehicles, the Bench Held that:

It is stated that there are 7,00,000 two-wheelers which are unsold through out India with different dealers. Similarly, passenger vehicles are 15,000 and commercial vehicles are 12,000. In Delhi and NCR region, we are not allowing sale and registration of these kind of vehicles any more. However, in the remaining part of the country, due to the situation which has arisen due to lockdown, it is ordered that not beyond 10% of the vehicles, except 2 with the Dealers in Delhi and NCR region, are permitted to be sold out of the aforesaid number of vehicles to make up the good of six days which were available before the lock-down has been ordered in the country. Details of the sale shall be furnished by the applicant and there shall be no violation of the order passed by this Court. Sales to be done within ten days of the lifting of the lock-down operating in the concerned cities and not beyond it and on an affidavit number of vehicles sold shall be stated by the applicant/Federation of Automobile Dealers Association and only those vehicles shall be permitted to be registered about which affidavit is filed. If out of the vehicles which are permitted to be sold some of them remain unsold then obviously there is no question of any further extension of time for sale of these kind of vehicles.

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