Oreo-maker takes Parle to Delhi HC over alleged infringement of design

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US-based Intercontinental Brands, maker of Oreo has moved the Delhi High Court against Parle Products, alleging that the design of one of its biscuit brands is similar to that of its popular offering.

Intercontinental has said that the design of Parle’s Fabio biscuits is ‘deceptively similar’ to that of Oreo.

The Court has fixed April 12 as the date for next hearing in the trademark infringement case. On February 9th, the Court declined to reschedule the hearing to an earlier date, as mentioned in a report in The Economic Times.

So far both Intercontinental and Parle have not issued a statement on the case.

Intercontinental Great Brands LLC is a unit of Mondelez International Inc. Mondelez had launched Oreo in India about a decade ago. It had gradually launched more variants of the original Oreo cookie, including choco creme and strawberry. Parle, on the other hand, had launched Fabio in January 2020.

This is the latest case of alleged infringement in the highly competitive biscuit market in India. There have been multiple cases of trademark infringement among various companies.

Last year Britannia Industries had filed an infringement case against Kishore Biyani-led Future Consumer, alleging that it had copied the packaging of several of its biscuit brands. Britannia said that Future had used ‘Good Time’ on one of its products, similar to Britannia’s Good Day brand. In December, it filed a case against ITC for alleged infringement of its product packaging trademark.

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