‘I Wanted to Argue With Him’: UP Woman Seeks Divorce for Being ‘Too Loved’ by Husband

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In a bizarre incident, an Uttar Pradesh woman filed a divorce against his husband for not fighting & being too kind to her.

After being married for eighteen months, she approached the Sharia Court that she was fed up & could not digest her husband showering so much love on her, reports the news agency.

The wife alleged that at times he even cooked & helped her with household chores, adding that they hardly have any disagreements between them.

“Whenever I make a mistake, he always forgives me for that. I wanted to argue with him,” she was quoted saying.

However, the Court completely dismissed her plea this considering it to be quite impractical. Following the Court’s dismissal, she also approached the local panchayat, which too could not come to a conclusion regarding the matter.

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The legal body asked the couple to resolve the matter by themselves after the husband requested the withdrawal of the see saying all he wants is to see his wife happy.

Last year, in a similar incident, a woman wanted to part ways with her husband because she felt “choked” by his “extreme love & affection” in the UAE.

The woman has approached the Shariah Court in Fujairah for a divorce from the man & she had said, “He never yelled at me or turned me down.” 

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