He Failed Exam, Blamed YouTube Ads And Wanted Rs 75 Lakh. Court Said This

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The Supreme Court on Friday slapped a cost of Rs 25,000 on a petitioner who had sought compensation of Rs 75 lakh from Google India for the advertisements shown on YouTube which allegedly had explicit content.
While dismissing the plea, the top court termed as “atrocious” the petition filed by a Madhya Pradesh resident who claimed that due to the advertisements, his attention was diverted, and he could not clear a competitive examination.

Google-owned firm, YouTube, is a video hosting platform.

“You want damages because you saw advertisements on internet, and you say because of that your attention was diverted, and you could not clear the exam?” a bench of Justices SK Kaul and AS Oka asked the petitioner, who was appearing in person.

“It is one of the most atrocious petitions filed under Article 32 (of the Constitution),” the bench observed. “This kind of petitions are utter wastage of judicial time”.

The petitioner had also sought a ban on nudity on social media platforms.

The bench observed that the petitioner has claimed that he was preparing for an examination and subscribed to YouTube, where he saw advertisements containing alleged sexual content.

“If you don’t like an advertisement, don’t watch it,” the bench said, adding, “Why he chose to watch the advertisements is his prerogative”.

Initially, the bench imposed a cost of Rs 1 lakh on the petitioner while dismissing the plea. Later, the petitioner, who argued in Hindi, urged the top court to forgive him and remove the cost imposed.

The petitioner also said that he is unemployed.

The bench said he can’t come just to the court and file such petitions only for publicity.

“Make it Rs 25,000,” the bench said, while reducing the cost from Rs 1 lakh.

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