Despite Kalyan court’s order, no progress in investigation, claims family of 18-month old girl

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A day after the case was filed against two Kalyan-based doctors for allegedly prescribing wrong medicines to a one-and-a-half-year-old girl leading to her death, the family has alleged that the police have still not produced the doctors before the court nor are they investigating the matter.

The Kolsewadi police claimed that they have no jurisdiction to take action against fake doctors and it is the Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) that should investigate. KDMC chose to stay silent on the issue.

The clinic where the parents took the girl was in limelight in 2018, when a doctor was arrested for raping a minor. The family, which has been running from pillar to post to seek justice for the girl, claimed to have hit a wall despite court’s orders. They claimed that the police had blamed them five months ago when they approached the police station.

Munni Sahani, 26, mother of the deceased girl, said, “I am illiterate, poor and unaware of the legal procedures. However, I do know that I have the right to seek justice for my child even if the protectors of law refused to help. On July 5, we took my daughter to the clinic, where she was given medicine. Later, when she did not recover, I took her again on July 6, when they gave her medicine and steam. After we came home, she slept. At 6pm, I found her dead. I took her to the same doctors, Mohamad Ansari and S Alam, who threw us out and told us that ‘you can’t do anything wrong to us, do whatever you want’.”

The parents then went to the police station. However, they refused to take the case. The mother added, “The Kolsewadi police asked us to leave and blamed us that we must have given wrong medicine and not the doctors. We requested a post-mortem but the cops and some government hospital doctors told us that there was no need for a post-mortem as the result would come after a year and we’d waste time.”

The family finally got help from lawyer Satyendra Dubey, who fought with them in the Kalyan court. The court asked the police to file the case in the matter against the doctor three days ago. The family claimed that they were unnecessarily called to the police station and made to wait for a whole day without any question or getting information.

Sahani said, “We told police five months ago that the doctor who prescribed us the medicine is a fake doctor but no one authenticated the fact. Whatever we earn, we use for basic food and legal proceedings.”

Senior police inspector Basir Shaikh didn’t answer as to why they didn’t take any step five months ago. “We have asked KDMC to check the details of the doctor. That’s not our work. Whether our officers informed KDMC five months back or not, I can’t tell you details of all these. Our investigation is on.”

Medical health officer of KDMC, Ashwini Patil, too was reluctant to share more insights into this matter. She said, “Whatever inquiry and investigations we have done will be informed to the police and also we are waiting for the directions from Maharashtra medical council for further action.”

Dubey said, “Police have added non-bailable offence and they have only detained the two. Both the police and KDMC are merely passing the bucks.”

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