Defamation Notice served on the makers Netflix’s show ‘Hasmukh’ over Derogatory content against Legal Community

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Two Delhi based Advocates have sent a legal notice to the makers of the Netflix’s show Hasmukh and have shown objection to certain allegedly derogatory comments made against Lawyer’s community in the show. 

In the notice sent by Advocate Abhishek Bhardwaj and Advocate Hardik Vashisth, the makers have been asked to remove the content and tender an unconditional apology.

They have been futher warned of initiation of Criminal and Civil proceedings on failure to action on their concern.

In Episode 4, titled ‘Bambai Main Bambu’, Objection has been raised against certain comments made by the protagonist of the show. Lawyers have been called “thieves, scoundrels, goons” and “rapists.” in the episode in context of the storyline.

The Notice reads:“The said statements are highly defamatory and brings disrepute to law profession in the eye of general public.”

It was pointed out that the legal profession has often been disreputed in the eyes of general public due to the said statement being higly Defamatory. Said statements are causing utmost damage to the legal profession and impugn the image of lawyers in the eyes of millions of viewers. 

The Advocates have contended as far as ‘Hasmukh’ is concerned the statements made are scandalous to a level that it cannot be justified by any stretch of logic reasoning whatsoever and are in very bad taste.

It was stated that such image damage to Lawyers are beyond measures in monetary terms.

The Notice read:” Undersigned cannot fathom the far reaching implications of such causal, false and derogatory comments made on the show “Hasmukh” which are being allowed to stream despite the character assassination that is writ large.”

They further remarked that such obnoxious statements are a constant stigma to the good will and impeccable image of Lawyers.

It is further contended that the content is false and inauthentic, and a deliberate and an intentional attack to malign the image of a noble profession focused on service to society.

Thus they demanded that an immediate and unconditional apology should be tendered by the show makers and the questionable and disparaging content should be removed.