COVID-19 : MHA Orders Restricting the Movement of Migrants and Strict Enforement Of Lockdown Measures

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Ministry Of Home Affairs on Sunday Issued Orders for Restricting the Movement of Migrants and Strict Enforement Of Lockdown Measures for containment of spread of COVID-19 In the Country.

It was stated that after passing of the directions to implement Lockdown Measures, Movement of a large numbers of migrants have taken place in some parts of the Country so as to reach their home towns which is a violation of the lockdown measures on maintaining social distance.

For dealing with the situation and for effective implementation of the lockdown measures and for mitigating the economic hardship of the migrant workers, The Chairperson, under Disaster Management Act, Directed the State/Union territory Government and authorities to issue necessary orders to their District Magistrate / Deputy Commissioner and Senior Superintendant of Police/ Deputy Commissioner of Police, to take following additional measures:

  • State/Union territory Government shall ensure adequate arrangements of temporary shelters and provision of food etc for the poor and needy people, including migrant labourers.
  • The migrant people, who have moved out to reach their home states/ home towns, must be kept in the nearest shelter by the respective State/Union territory Government quarantine facilities after proper screening for a minimum period of 14 Days.
  • All the employers, be it in the industry or in the shops and commercial establishments, shall make payment of wages of their workers, at their work places, without any deduction for the lockdown period.
  • Where ever the workers, including the migrants, are living in rented accommodation, the landlords of those properties shall not demand payment of rent for a period of one month.
  • If any landlord is forcing labourers and students to vacate their premises, they will be liable under this act.

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