COVID-19: Delhi HC Directed Govt. For Ensuring Welfare, Well-being and Safety of Indian Students Stranded at Kazakhstan [Read Order]

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Delhi High Court has directed the Govt to take necessary steps for welfare,well-being and safety of students stranded at Kazakhstan. The order has been passed in the case titled as Shehla Saira vs Union of India on 25.03.2020.

The writ petition has been heard by way of video conferencing. Attention of the Court was invited to the circumstance that, Indian nationals in sizeable numbers, who are enrolled for higher studies, including MBBS, as regular students, inter alia, at the Semey Medical University in Kazakhstan, are stated to be stranded including at the Almaty Airport, Kazakhstan without food, water, transportation and medical aid etc. since the last 2/3 days.

Court observed and ordered as under:

“In the meantime, having heard learned counsel appearing on behalf of the parties and perused the record; in view of the unsettled and difficult situation –– emerging from the global COVID-19 pandemic –– in which Indian students find themselves stranded at the Almaty Airport, Kazakhstan, we find it incumbent upon us to direct the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, to promptly appoint a Nodal Officer from the Indian Embassy in Kazakhstan to ensure, inter alia, the welfare, well-being and safety of all such Indian students. The Nodal Officer is directed to expeditiously facilitate, secure and provide the said students with all basic amenities and including humanitarian assistance, in terms of, medical care, boarding (food), lodging and transportation, as may be necessary or warranted. The details and other necessary particulars of the Nodal Officer, so appointed, including his name and telephone number, be communicated to the Indian students stranded at the Almaty Airport, Kazakhstan and be also uploaded on the official website of the Indian Embassy in Kazakhstan, as well as, on the website on the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, immediately”.

Read the Order here: