Court proceedings have become a joke: Delhi High Court takes exception to lawyers disturbing virtual hearings

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Justice Prathiba M Singh of the Delhi High Court on Friday took exception to lawyers appearing through video conference (VC) to disturb court proceedings repeatedly.

The judge said that the Court will have to take some strict measures if this continues, and that repeat offenders will not be allowed to appear virtually.

“We will get their enrolment number and say that these people will not be allowed virtual hearing. People are appearing without bands,” she remarked.

The strong remarks came after some lawyers kept disturbing the proceedings. Justice Singh said that she faced similar issues even yesterday.

On Friday, a lawyer appeared through VC and asked the Court which matter was going on. Another counsel was not aware about the matter she was appearing in. Earlier, an advocate was logged in through two devices, which caused echo.

All this led to the Court observing that the proceedings have become a ‘joke’.

Justice Singh said people can be seen walking in parks and logging into hearings while standing in corridors.

“They are not even sitting in their offices. None of them have any papers. Court has to tell them if their matter is passed over…We have to repeat the dates three times,” she said.

Most of the benches at the Delhi High Court allow counsel to appear virtually. However, this has led to many faux pas, prompting the judges to express their displeasure several times.

Many judges ask lawyers to come to court physically if their matters require detailed hearing.

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