Anti-government social media posts will invite action by police in this state

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The Bihar government on Friday said that action will be taken against organisations and individuals making anti-government comments on social media.

The ADG of Economic Offences Wing, Bihar, said that anyone found making objectionable, indecent and misleading comments on social media against the government, ministers, MPs, MLAs and other government officials would fall under the preview of cybercrime.

The letter was released on the behalf of Economic and Cybercrime Department from Bihar Police Headquarters on January 21. The order said that the wing should be provided with information related to offensive social media post so that a criminal action can be initiated against the perpetrators.

Referring to the letter, leader of opposition Tejashwi Yadav lashed out at the chief minister calling him the “Bhishma Pitamah of corruption” and a weak leader of an immoral and illegal government. Yadav then went on to challenge that government to arrest him for his tweet.

In another tweet, Yadav slammed the Nitish Kumar’s government for showing highhandedness while dealing with dissent.

Yadav said that the chief minister is following the footsteps of Hitler. “Protesters can’t protest at designated spots. Jail for anyone writing against the government. A common man can’t meet opposition leaders with his problems,” Yadav tweeted.

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