Transfer of Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana HC : BCI disposes off matter, appreciates State Bar Council’s decision.

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On Saturday, the BCI, in its Press Release issued has declared the matter concerning to the boycott of the Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court as ‘settled’ with consensus of all the parties related.

The Bar Council of India in its Resolution dated 10.05.2021 had refused to stay the oral order issued by State Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana putting hold on the operation of the Resolution passed by the High Court Bar Association demanding transfer of Chief Justice Ravi Shanker Jha.

The Council has called it a ‘common problem’ in Covid times and urged the concerned parties to have a meeting dicussing in length their grievances and finding appropriate solutions to them so as to coordinate the function of the Honourable High Court.

Following this, the parties met via video-conferencing on 12.05.2021 and the meeting produced satisfactory result.

The Convener of the Committee submited:

Hon’ble Chief The Justice gave a very patient hearing. Since on the administrative side, steps had already been taken to optimize the working of Courts through Video Conferencing, Mr. G.B.S Dhillon the President, High Court Bar Association along with Mr. Chanchal K Singla, Hony Secretary Bar Association, Punjab and Haryana High Court showed grace and magnanimity to resolve all issues arising out of Resolution dated 07.05.2021 passed by the Punjab and Haryana Bar Association. Emergency meeting of the Executive Committee of the Punjab and Haryana High Court Bar Association was held through virtual mode to discuss further course of action with regard to the Resolution dated 07.05.2021.”

The meeting of the Committee went along in the most harmonious and pleasant manner and all disputes were resolved amicably. All the members of the Committee agreed in unison that a resolution demanding the transfer of Hon’ble The Chief Justice may not have been in the best interest of all the stakeholders.”

Along with detailed discussion of issues, opinions and suggestions have also been offered.

In view of the above, the BCI has thus ratified and accepted the Order dated 14.05.2021 passed by the Sub-Committee in Revision Petition No.13/2021 titled as High Court Bar Association, Punjab and Haryana High Court Vs. State Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana.

This Revision petition and all the connected matters are accordingly disposed of in view of the fact that the high Court Bar Association does not intend to press it and the matters have been amicably settled to the full satisfaction of the High Court Bar Association and the State Bar Council.”