Temporary Hijab Ban Only For Students, Not Teachers: High Court

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The temporary ban on religious attires such as the hijab and saffron scarves in schools and colleges of Karnataka applies only to students and not teachers, the High Court clarified on Wednesday.

The Karnataka High Court had temporarily banned religious clothes earlier this month as the controversy over Muslim students wearing hijabs in classrooms spread across the state and led to a case.

Teachers along with students were not allowed to enter schools and colleges for wearing the hijab in many parts of the state since then.

On Wednesday, after Mohammad Tahir, an advocate representing one of the student petitioners,stated that teachers too were being stopped at the gates, Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi clarified that its order applied only to students.

The court on February 10 had said in its interim order that it was restraining students regardless of religion from wearing saffron shawls or the hijab.

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