Supreme Court Warns Of Fake Website Stealing User Details, Card Information

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In a sign that no person or institution is too big for scamsters, the name of the Supreme Court is now being misused to steal people’s personal details and confidential data. The registry of the Supreme Court has issued an advisory and warned people about the scam.
The registry said it has been made aware of a phishing attack in which a fake website, impersonating the official Supreme Court website, has been created and hosted on the URLs http://cbins/ and

The second URL, which has the header ‘Offence of Money-Laundering’ is being used to steal people’s personal details, internet-banking and credit and debit card information

The official-looking website details the offence and then has space for the user to fill in various boxes, including bank name, phone number, permanent account number (PAN) ‘online banking user ID’, ‘log-in password’ and ‘card password”.

“Any visitor on the above URLs is strongly advised not to share and divulge any personal and confidential information, as the same shall enable the perpetrators to steal the information. Please note that the Registry, Supreme Court of India, will never ask for personal information, financial details or other confidential information,” the advisory states.

The registry said the Supreme Court of India has flagged the phishing attack to law enforcement agencies so that they can investigate it and “bring the perpetrators to justice”.

The advisory highlighted that the Supreme Court of India’s official domain is and asked people to verify URLs before clicking on them.

“In case you have been a victim of the above phishing attack, please change your passwords for all your online accounts and also contact your bank and credit card company to report such unauthorised access,” it states.

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