Supreme Court Pulls Up Calcutta High Court For “Control Sexual Urge” Advice

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The Supreme Court came down heavily on the Calcutta High Court for its observation, asking young girls to “control sexual urge” and not give in to two “minutes of pleasure”.
“We are of the view that the judges are not expected to express personal views or preach,” the Supreme Court bench said while issuing notice to the West Bengal government and other parties.

The Supreme Court termed the Calcutta High Court’s comments both “objectionable and unwarranted”.

In October, the Calcutta High Court had observed that “every female adolescent should control sexual urge as in the eyes of society she will be a loser when she gives in to enjoy sexual pleasure of hardly two minutes.”

The high court also said that it is the duty of young girls to protect the “right to the integrity of her body, dignity and self-worth”.

It added that boys should respect a girl’s dignity and should train their minds to respect women.

“It is the duty of a male adolescent to respect the aforesaid duties of a young girl or woman, and he should train his mind to respect a woman, her self-worth, her dignity and privacy, and the right to autonomy of her body,” the court said.

The Calcutta High Court had made the observations while hearing a teenager’s request against his conviction in a rape case. He had been convicted by a sessions court for raping a minor girl with whom he had a ‘romantic affair’.

The high court set aside the verdict of the sessions court and called for comprehensive sex education in schools to avoid legal complications arising from sexual relations at a young age.

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