Senior Advocate at Supreme Court turns ‘Tea Seller’

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From the busy life of a lawyer in the Madras high court and the Supreme Court to riding a ramshackle bicycle selling tea to make ends meet, 69-year-old S A Syed Haroon has seen it all.

The Senior Advocate took to selling tea in May, two months into the lockdown, when he received a message from his bank reminding him that the minimum balance in his account had dipped below the permissible level.

“When I got the message from the bank, I decided to do something of my own to run my family,” he said.

Syed Haroon, a Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court between 1996-1999 and the Madras high court since 2000, was born in

Coonoor in Nilgiris in 1951. He later moved to Erode in 1967 when his father, a railway employee, got transferred.

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