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SC gives 3 days to Prashant Bhushan to reconsider his ‘defiant statement’

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The Supreme Court of India on Thursday asked lawyer Prashant Bhushan to not cross the “lakshman rekha in the zeal of overdoing” while hearing a case against him on contempt of court and insult of judiciary.

Convening the proceeding, Justice Arun Mishra said, “You are part of the system. In the zeal of overdoing, you cross the lakshman rekha. Nobody should cross. Doing good things is welcome. We appreciate efforts of filing good cases. I have never initiated contempt proceeding against anyone in my judicial career. But see, there should be some balance, restraint… it’s an issue of image of the institution.”

Bhushan, however, continued to be defiant and said that he stood by his statements slamming the Supreme Court of India.

“I stand by my tweets. I do not ask for mercy. I do not ask for magnanimity. I shall submit cheerfully to whatever punishment the court imposes on me lawfully. What I said in the tweet is my bonafide belief,” he told the apex court.

The SC said that it will give 2-3 days to Prashant Bhushan to reconsider his ‘defiant statement’ and refusing to apologise for his contemptuous tweets, to which the lawyer said that he will consult his team of lawyers and think over SC’s suggestion.

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