SC Collegium Recommends Appointment of Permanent Judges at Kerala, Bombay and Jharkhand HCs

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The SC Collegium has recommended the appointment of ten Additional Judges as Permanent Judges in Kerala HC, Jharkhand HC & Bombay HC.

While 4 Additional Judges were proposed to be appointed to Bombay HC 4 were recommended for Kerala HC.

Two Additional Judges of the Jharkhand HC have been recommended for appointment as permanent Judges. Both were elevated to the Bench from the Bar in Feb last year.

According to the Supreme Court website, the collegium, headed by CJI S A Bobde, approved the proposals to appoint Justices Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi, & Deepak Roshan as Permanent Judges in the Jharkhand HC. They are currently Additional Judges in the HC.

For the High Court of Bombay, Justices SM Modak, Jamadar N Jahiroddin, Vinay G Joshi & Avachat R Govind were proposed to be appointed as the permanent Judges by the collegium. All 4 were appointed as Additional Judges of the Bombay HC in Oct 2018.

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The collegium, in its meeting held on July 21, recommended Justices VG Arun, N Nagaresh, TV Anilkumar & N Anil Kumar to be made Permanent Judges of the High Court of Kerala.

Whereas Justices Arun & Nagresh were elevated from the Bar, Justices TV Anilkumar & N Anil Kumar were drawn from the judicial services. They were appointed as Additional Judges in Nov 2018. 

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