SC asks Lawyers’ Association seeking Interest free Loans to file Affidavit proving credentials

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On Thursday, the Supreme Court asked the Supreme Court Arguing Counsel Association seeking interest-free loans for lawyers to file an affidavit detailing their credentials & other details.

A bench headed by CJI SA Bobde asked if it’s a registered association.

The association has filed a petition seeking direction to the Centre to form a scheme to disburse interest-free loans up to Rs 20 lakh to lawyers. 

The bench said that “We want to know about the Association, is it a registered Association, is it a one-man show, who is running it. We have to know all this because it is an Article 32 petition”.

The lawyer appearing on behalf of the petitioner said that all members in the Association are from the Bar.

The plea said that “Petitioner’s members are the regular practitioner of the Supreme Court having more than 10 years experience. The member of this association is the real face of this institution, who argues before this Court. They are coming from across the country & started practice, after purchasing their offices & houses. They have taken loan for offices & houses”.

“In the present pandemic situation normal work of the courts is suspended from the last 6 months & further there are no chances to start the work smoothly, consequently, petitioners are unable to pay the monthly installment of the loan amount of their offices & housing loan, therefore, petitioner seeks indulgence of this court for direction to give relaxation in payment of monthly installment as well as for the direction to the respondent (Centre, RBI, & UCO Bank) to give interest-free loans up to Rs 20 Lakhs,” it added.
To this, the CJI said “We are glad you are doing good work but we want to know about the Association.” 

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