Punjab & Haryana HC judge requests lawyers to avoid using ‘My Lord’, ‘My Lordship’

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Justice Arun Kumar Tyagi of the Punjab and Haryana High Court recently wrote a note for members of the Bar Association, requesting him to avoid using terms like ‘Your Lordship’ and ‘My Lord’. Justice Tyagi requested members to avoid using said terms and also saying “obliged and grateful”.

The note penned by Justice Tyagi read, “It is for the information of the respected members of the Bar that Hon’ble Mr Justice Arun Kumar Tyagi has requested that respected members of the Bar may avoid addressing him as ‘Your Lordship’ or ‘My Lord’ and also saying obliged and grateful. All concerned to note please. “

Use ‘Sir’ instead of ‘My Lord’
In 2011 as well, the Punjab and Haryana High Court Bar Association had passed a resolution to address judges as “Sir” instead of ‘My Lord’

In March 2021 as well, Justice Tyagi had asked advocates not to address him with the two terms, The Indian Express reported. The then Chief Justice of India (CJI) H L Dattu, had stated in 2014 that it is not mandatory for advocates to address judges as “Your Lordship”.

‘We only say address us respectfully’
Justice Dattu had said, “When did we say it is compulsory? You can only call us in a dignified manner. Don’t address us as ‘lordship’. We don’t say anything. We only say address us respectfully. “

Reportedly, Justice P Krishna Bhat of the Karnataka High Court had also issued a note in April, requesting advocates to avoid said words. In his note, Bhat had asked the members of the association to maintain the dignity of the court by using words like ‘Sir’.

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