Punjab & Haryana High Court Bar Association seeks transfer of Chief Justice Ravi Shanker Jha; dis-membered Advocate General Punjab

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The Punjab & Haryana High Court Bar Association unanimously resolved on Monday to request the Chief Justice of India and the Union Law Minister to transfer Chief Justice Ravi Shanker Jha to any other High Court.

The resolution was passed in view of the continued reluctance of the High Court to resume physical functioning despite the fact that movie theatres, schools, religious places and gyms are fully functional, and political gatherings are taking place.

The resolution further states that, “The continuous closure of the High Court which is the custodian of Constitution and protector of fundamental rights is sending wrong signals apart from taking away the livelihood of lawyers, stenos, clerks and other persons associated with the legal field.”

In view of the above, it was urged that the Chief Justice be transferred to any other High Court.

The Court of the Chief Justice will be boycotted until the complete opening of physical courts or until his transfer, the resolution said.

Even Advocate General Atul Nanda was dis-membered from Punjab & Haryana High Court Bar Association , alleging that he “continuously worked against the physical opening of the court and acted against the interest of the Bar.”

As per the resolution, other members of the Association who appeared in court today despite boycott calls by the Executive Committee of the association, shall also be dis-membered.

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