Mumbai court summons Kangana Ranaut on Javed Akhtar’s complaint

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The Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate, RR Khan, today issued a summon to Kangana Ranaut after hearing reports of Advocate Jay Kumar Bharadwaj on behalf of Javed Akhtar, in the case filed by the lyricist against the actress for allegedly defaming him on national television. Kangana Ranaut will appear before the court on March 1, 2021.

The Juhu Police station has told the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate in Mumbai that offences alleged against actor Kangana Ranaut are made out for further investigation. The Magistrate court had ordered the Juhu police to file a report in December 2020 after hearing Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar and his lawyer Niranjan Mundargi. The court had further ordered Juhu police to file a report by January 18, 2021, however, they had sought time.


After the report was submitted on Monday, the Court was informed by Advocate Jay Kumar Bharadwaj appearing for Javed Akhtar that the report stated that offences alleged against Kangana Ranaut were made out for further investigation. The report by Juhu police included statements from the common witness – a doctor – who also testified that no such conversation as alleged by Kangana Ranaut in the interview took place.

He apprised the court that in order to investigate, Juhu police had issued summons to Kangana Ranaut but she refused to respond to the summons. Instead, she claimed the investigation was biased in one of her tweets, Bhardwaj informed the court and also submitted a video clip of the interview after reading out the text of the interview to show the court how much viewership the video had garnered. Bharadwaj reiterated from the complaint what damage had been caused by that interview which was aired and shared on YouTube.ADVERTISEMENT

After going through the report, the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate RR Khan has summoned Kangana Ranaut. She will need to appear before the court on March 1, 2021.


In a television interview, Kangana Ranaut had spoken about her conversation with Javed Akhtar at his house, where a doctor was also present. Javed Akhtar had told the court that Kangana Ranaut had made defamatory comments against him in the interview with a television news channel. Earlier Niranjan Mundargi had submitted that Javed Akhtar had built his reputation from scratch in the last 55 years and Kangana Ranaut has made baseless comments on national television and social media against him, damaging his reputation. Javed Akhtar told the court that Kangana Ranaut dragged his name while referring to a “coterie” existing in Bollywood, following the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput in June last year. Meanwhile, the doctor’s testimony has also been gathered by the police.

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