Mumbai court sends Aryan Khan and 7 others to judicial custody for 14 days

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Days after Aryan Khan was arrested and taken to NCB custody, after a cruise ship raid, the Mumbai court has now taken the star kid under judicial custody. Along with Aryan, Arbaaz Merchant and 6 others have also been held for custody. Court says the case will now be heard by special NDPS court.

Shah Rukh Khan’s son was earlier taken to the court for his bail hearing today, where his lawyer Satish Maneshinde had made a strong case for bail, saying ‘Aryan cannot be held hostage’.During the session, the lawyer also revealed that Aryan hasn’t been interrogated for two nights.

The NCB had initially seeked extension of Aryan’s custody till Oct 11. They further stated that another raid will be conducted and any possible arrests will need to be confronted with the present arrested, hence calling for the extension of custody.

To justify the plea for extension of custody, the NCB also stated, ”Until this date 16 persons were apprehended and arrested on custody on the ground that these are the persons prima facie connected with the commission of offences.”

Maneshinde who represented Aryan during the case spoke on his behalf, ”Officers interrogated me and took me under arrest. I have no connection to any of the organizers. I do not deny my friendship with Arbaaz but I am not connected with his activities. He himself says he came on his own. They have interrogated me on the basis of my chats. Be that as it may, Achit is the only person they have to confront me with, but that can be done anytime. That can be done even after I am granted bail. They have not interrogated me for two nights. Why is custodial interrogation required now?”

Aryan’s lawyer also said, “Khan cannot be held hostage till they find the main accused. He argued, ”Why should custody be given? No confrontation was done as far as I am concerned. No drugs, nothing in my bag, nothing on my person, I did not tamper with phone. Why would I not cooperate with the law? Apart from that, see the charges against me … Section 8 (c), 27, 28, 29”

“If NCB has not managed to unearth any controversy so far, then what are they going to do now? Humble submission is that they keep saying that they have to reach the ‘main accused.’ He (Aryan) cannot be held hostage till they find the main accused. Rest of the accused, I am not concerned with, so I will not make submissions about them” concluded the lawyer.

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