Motor Vehicle Rules Amended, relaxes norms for extra tyre

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The government on Tuesday amended the Central Motor Vehicles Rules to allow vehicles to do away with an extra tyre as a backup in case of puncture if the vehicle has an in-built tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and a company-provided tyre repair kit, which basically seals any puncture of the tubeless tyre.

This, policymakers said, would do away with the need for an extra tyre and that space could be utilised, especially in case of electric vehicles, to have a battery.

“The requirement of the additional tyres has been done away with in such vehicles if provided with the tyre repair kit and TPMS. This is as per the international standards which will enable more space, which may accommodate batteries for EVs etc,” according to officials in the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

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The amendments also include for the first time a standard for “external projection” of two-wheelers. This has been prescribed “to reduce lacerations to pedestrian as well as rider in case of contact with moving vehicle.”

The amendments also include a provision for a footrest and mechanism to hold during the ride.

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