Kerala government fixes rates of Covid treatment items

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After fixing the Covid treatment rates in private hospitals, the state government has brought 15 items used for Covid treatment under the Kerala Essential Articles Control Act. The maximum retail price for these items has been fixed by the government.

As per an order issued by the state government, a PPE kit has been priced at Rs 273, fingertip pulse oximeter at Rs 1500, the rate of a flowmeter with humidifier is Rs 1520, oxygen mask, Rs 54 and N95 mask, Rs 22.

“In view of the increasing cases of Covid-19 in the country, the Centre had directed the state governments to take necessary steps to ensure the availability of medical items to the common man at fair prices,” the government order states.

Based on the directive from the Centre, the state health department had submitted a proposal to the government for fixing the price of the essential medical items needed for-Covid treatment and also requested to declare it as essential articles under the Act.

The other items for which the prices have been fixed are triple-layer mask Rs 3.90, face shield, Rs 21, Apron (disposable), Rs 12, surgical gown, Rs 65, examination gloves, Rs 5.75, hand sanitizer (500 ml) Rs 192, (Rs 98 for 200 ml, Rs 55 for 100 ml), sterile gloves (pair), and Rs 15, NRB mask, Rs 80.

There were several complaints that the prices of items such as oximeter and masks had skyrocketed with the increase in demand. There is also an acute shortage of few items in the state now.

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