Karnataka High Court’s Tough Words Over Lack Of Burial Grounds In State

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Taking a serious note of the state government’s alleged failure to provide land for burial grounds, the Karnataka High Court caustically asked if bodies have to be dumped on roads.
During the hearing of a civil contempt of court petition on Thursday, Justice B Veerappa remarked that the government was behaving irresponsibly on this issue and should be ashamed of its conduct.

“Do you want bodies dumped on the roads where burial grounds are not available? It is unfortunate the court has to do the job of the government,” it observed.

The Court warned that if the government did not fulfil the court order of providing burial grounds in all villages and towns which do not have one within 15 days, the Principal Secretary of the Revenue Department would be sent to jail for contempt of court.

Based on an earlier petition by Mohammed Iqbal, the High Court had directed the State to provide burial grounds in villages that do not have one within six weeks.

However, the 2019 order is still pending implementation by the government.

Iqbal once again moved the court with a civil contempt of court petition against the government.

The counsel for the government sought time to submit a status report on the matter.

The Court however took exception to this request saying it was not the case of a missing person that the government needs to file a status report on. People vote for good deeds.

The government should consider providing burial grounds as one “vote-gathering measure”, the court commented.

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