Free 2 Day Bootcamp on Cracking UGC-NET & CLAT-PG exam

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Topic: How to crack the UGC-NET & CLAT-PG examinations.

What will you Learn?

Day 1: Career opportunities and how to clear UGC-NET

  • How many law teachers does India need?
  • What is the salary of a law teacher? How much can a law teacher earn in India in various universities?
  • What are the perks of a teaching job?
  • How long does it take to become a professor? What are the perks of a teaching job?
  • What is a day in the life of a law teacher like?
  • Which universities pay the best salaries?
  • Is cracking UGC-NET mandatory for teaching law? What is the benefit of cracking the UGC-NET exam for teaching?
  • Difference in pay-scale between UGC-NET qualified and other teachers.
  • What are the opportunities for candidates who top the UGC-NET exam?
  • What is the career graph for teachers in India?
  • Overview of UGC Exam – Subjects, time allotted, pass rate and question paper pattern
  • Essentials for commencement of preparation
    • Procurement of past years’ papers
    • Subject-wise syllabus
    • Difficulty level and types of questions
    • Study materials and other resources
    • Mentors
    • Daily study plan
    • Roadmap
  • Why do candidates fail? What are the top preparation mistakes?
  • How to create a subject-wise preparation strategy
  • How to divide time across various subjects
  • How to create your daily study plan
  • How to manage preparation with your LLM degree and other activities
  • Does preparing for the UGC-NET exam help you get better grades in your LLM?

Day 2: How to apply for jobs and crack CLAT-PG

  • How to create a roadmap to crack the UGC-NET exam
    • 3-month roadmap
    • 6-month roadmap
    • 12-month roadmap
  • How to prepare if you are re-attempting the exam
  • Overview of CLAT-PG exam – Subjects pass rate and question paper pattern
  • Analysis of past year papers
  • Roadmap to clear the crack the CLAT-PG
  • Will cracking a CLAT-PG increase my chances of getting a job?
  • Who will hire me to clear CLAT-PG?
  • How to identify your preferred universities for teaching after qualifying UGC-NET?
  • How to prepare for interviews?
  • How to prepare your CV for jobs?
  • How to prepare a cover letter?
  • Which area of expertise should you select?
  • When and how to negotiate your starting salary?
  • How to increase your publications?
  • How to decide whether to work in a private university, a government university or an autonomous university?
  • Can law teachers take up private consulting assignments?
  • What are the future prospects for successful law teachers?
  • How to pursue real-life research projects of national and global impact, obtain grants and funding from various sponsors and make a name for yourself and the institution
  • How to explore international teaching opportunities
  • Can law teachers move to private practice or private jobs?
  • Backup options to explore – PhD
  • What to do if you do not obtain a position at the university of your preference

Date : 26th- 27th April, 2021.

Time: 6pm – 9 PM

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Certificates will be provided to all the attendees.**

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