Delhi High Court Dismisses Stalking Case On Complainant’s Request

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The Delhi High Court has agreed to quash a stalking case against a man after the complainant woman said she does not wish to pursue it and ordered him to pay ₹ 30,000 as cost.
The high court said since the parties have arrived at a settlement and no disputes are pending, it is convinced that quashing such proceedings on account of compromise will bring about peace and secure ends of justice.

“This should not be treated as a legal precedent and in this case the proceedings are quashed as the respondent has decided to put a quietus to the matter.

“The court does not see any fruitful purpose if criminal proceedings are permitted to be prosecuted any further. It is a fit case for quashing. In this view of the matter, there is no reason to continue the proceedings,” Justice Jasmeet Singh said in a recent order.

However, the judge said he was of the view that considerable time of the police and judiciary has been wasted, as the FIR is of 2020 and charge sheet has already been filed.

“The police machinery has been put in motion on account of the acts of commission and omission on behalf of the parties and useful time of the police which could have been utilised for important matters has been misdirected towards this case. Hence, the petitioner (man) must do some social good,” the high court said.

According to the FIR, the man used to trouble the woman and her family by insisting that she marry him. It was alleged that the man used to call her, send messages and even threaten her after which she lodged an FIR at Welcome Police Station in North East Delhi.

The court was informed the two parties reached a compromise in August this year and the woman no longer wanted to pursue the case.

The high court quashed the FIR lodged for the alleged offences of stalking and criminal intimidation subject to payment of a cost of ₹ 20,000 by the man to the Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA) and ₹ 10,000 to the woman.

It said the proof of payment of cost be filed in the court’s Registry within four weeks, and if it is not furnished, this case file be put up before the court.

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