Court attaches 26 properties of astrologer who conned HC Ex-Judge

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A Civil and Sessions Court in Bengaluru has attached 26 properties valued at over ₹80 crore belonging to an alleged conman who posed as an astrologer and political middleman to dupe a retired high court judge, politicians and businessmen.

The provisional attachment of the property belonging to Yuvaraj Swami alias Sevalal was done under the Criminal Law Amendment Ordinance, 1944 following an application by the Bengaluru central crime branch police, which is investigating 14 cases against the astrologer, for confiscation of his properties.

The court was informed by the police that Swami acquired the 26 properties in the name of his wife N Prema by using funds swindled from persons who have filed 14 cases against him.

Investigations have revealed that Swami and his wife, who had no source of income, purchased the 26 properties with funds swindled from wealthy personalities by promising them high positions in the Karnataka government and at the Centre.

The police investigations have found that Swami, who claimed to have access to top BJP and RSS leaders, swindled a former MP of Rs 20 crore by promising renomination to Parliament and a ministerial position, and former Karnataka High Court judge Justice B S Indrakala of Rs 8.27 crore by promising her a posting as a governor of a state by using his high contacts in Delhi.

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