Central government notifies the transfer of seven High Court judges

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The judges of seven high courts will be transferred today, the Central government has said in a notice.

These are the judges who have been notified:

  • Justice Rajan Gupta – Punjab & Haryana High Court to Patna High Court
  • Justice TS Sivagnanam – Madras to Calcutta
  • Justice Sureshwar Thakur – Himachal Pradesh to Punjab and Haryana
  • Justice PB Bajanthri – Karnataka to Patna
  • Justice Sanjeev Prakash Sharma – Rajasthan to Patna
  • Justice T Amarnath Goud – Telangana to Tripura
  • Justice Subhash Chand – Allahabad to Jharkhand
  • The recommendations were taken in two different meetings of the Collegium, one held on September 16 and the other on September 21.

The recommendations to transfer Justices Rajan Gupta, PB Bajanthri, Sanjeev Prakash Sharma, T Amarnath Goud, Subhash Chand and TS Sivagnanam were made in the meeting of the Collegium on September 16. Whereas, the recommendation to transfer Justice Sureshwar Thakur was taken at the meeting of the Collegium held on September 21

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