Can Kerala Police Properly Probe Complaints Against Antiques Dealer: High Court Asks State Police Chief

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The Kerala High Court on Tuesday asked the State Police chief whether he trusts the police under his command to carry out a proper investigation into the complaints against controversial antiques dealer Monson Mavunkal when allegations are “flying thick and high” against police officers of various ranks in the state.

Justice Devan Ramachandran also asked the state’s police chief how Monson Mavunkal was provided police protection instead of being taken into custody when he was found to be in possession of various valuable items, including elephant tusks.

“The State Police Chief has to inform this court whether an investigation (against Mavunkal) would be apposite by an agency in Kerala when allegations have been made against police officers of various ranks. The State Police Chief to also explain why no suspicions were raised regarding him,” the court said.

The order came while hearing a plea by the antique dealer’s former driver-cum-mechanic alleging harassment by his former employer and some police officers close to him after he made certain disclosures to police in connection with a cheating case against Monson Mavunkal.

In his petition, filed through advocates Philip T Varghese and Thomas T Varghese, the driver — Ajith EV — has alleged that Monson Mavunkal has also threatened to implicate him in criminal cases and get him put behind bars.

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