BCI Releases AIBE 17 New Syllabus 2022

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On Wednesday, the Bar Council of India (BCI) published the ‘revised’ syllabus for AIBE XVII (AIBE 17) 2022.

The bar council informed the Supreme Court on August 2 that “the syllabus will be published within 15 days from today and the examination will be held within about three months thereafter.”

AIBE XVII (AIBE 17) is scheduled to take place within the next three months, most likely in October or November. Within the next few days, a new exam conducting body for AIBE will be finalised.

Changes to the AIBE Syllabus

The bar council has released the ‘updated syllabus’ for AIBE XVII (17), but there are no new topics or changes to the subject-wise weightage. As in previous sessions, the syllabus includes 19 law subjects.

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Check the New Syllabus Here:

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